Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Told You....

I told you that I am a not the typical "pastor's wife".  Let me explain...

Even though I became a Christian as an adult and didn't grow up in the church, I had pre-conceived ideas of what a pastor's wife looked like.  She was always dressed very prim & proper without a single hair out of place...she had a sweet, poetic voice...she played piano and sang in the choir...was a great homemaker and cook... and the worse thing she probably ever did was skip choir practice when she was a teenager!!!  

Ron and I had been married several years when he realized God was asking him to surrender his life to full-time vocational ministry.  I was fully supportive of this as God had already laid His Will for Ron's future on my heart a few weeks earlier.  Together we had always been very active in church, but this would be a new chapter in our lives.  

In full time ministry, one of the first conferences we attended had a breakout session for pastors' wives that everyone kept talking about.  I was having a hard time deciding which breakout would even be applicable to me. I suddenly realized that "I" could attend the one everyone was raving about.  I "was" a pastor's wife!!!  May seem silly to you, but it was a huge revelation for me!

The funny thing is - I have none of these amazing qualities listed above...NONE!!!  And yet - God still allows me to be a pastor's wife!!  I am a follower of Jesus Christ who has been saved by His amazing grace!!!  I have a voice that is often scratchy...who can't play the piano OR sing....I can clean house (well - I have one!)...but I do NOT cook (yes - you heard me!! Ron does ALL the cooking!!!)...and I can't even begin to count the mistakes I've made and continue to make.  

Oh and yes - I survived the Blazin Wing Challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings!!!  Crazy huh?  What pastor's wife would do something like that??  Okay - so it was a team building challenge for work, but I did it!!

No - I'm not typical...but I love serving God beside my husband who I am so very proud of... I love people and being able to share the grace of Jesus Christ...and I love fulfilling one of my life verses (2 Cor 1:3-7).  

And I thank God for allowing me the privilege of serving Him...as a pastor's wife!!!

What pre-conceived ideas do you have of what a pastor's wife should be like?  If you ARE a pastor's wife, are you TYPICAL??  


  1. Love this post! And love YOU!!! We miss you all so much!! (BTW, Frank said, "If she can do it, so can I!" haha I see a trip to BWW in the near future! ;)

  2. Renee-
    Ahhh - thanks! Miss you, Frank and all the kids! Hope you are getting settled in....please give everyone a hug for me and tell Frank I said I KNOW he can do it!!!!
    Love ya!

  3. I'm so thankful to have found your blog. It's so nice to connect to another...non-typical pastor's wife. :) Thanking God for you today!