Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friday's Food Find (On Saturday) - The Choppin Block

Okay - I know it's not's already Saturday, but what can I say? The week got away from me. I tend to be a rule follower, so I stand committed to my weekly post of sharing a Friday Food Find.

This week's Friday's Food Find is The Choppin Block at 2212 Madison St, Clarksville, TN. Beverly, the owner, is a great friend of ours and we love going there! It is a full service butcher shop with an incredible selection, but most people do not realize that they also serve breakfast, blue plate lunch specials everyday, sandwiches, salads, desserts...oh yeah - and everything is HOMEMADE!!!

Whether we drop by to pick up a couple of biscuits to go or stay a while for a hot breakfast of french toast or bacon & eggs - it is always a nice Saturday morning treat!! And Ron's favorite blue plate special is Tuesday when they have the Ribeye Steak sandwich!! I love the homemade pimento cheese and fresh fruit salad!!! And did I mention the twice baked potatoes??? And the homemade desserts??

The Choppin Block does so much more...they cater and they are the only Clarksville retailer for The Green Egg!

So please check out The Choppin Block (M-F 6-6 Sat 7-5)....tell them Cheryl sent ya!!

I love eating breakfast out - so please share your favorite breakfast place...near or far!!!


  1. We used to LOVE "Frank's" in Baton Rouge for breakfast.... they had the best biscuits with gravy.... it was so amazing... Josh always tries to find breakfast like that everywhere we go.... So, if you make a trip down to "the red stick", go to Frank's.

  2. I love the Choppin Block...