Sunday, August 14, 2011


Okay, for those closest to me - you know that I am the world's worse procrastinator! I will put big things and little things off to the very last minute if it is something I just don't want to do. And the closer the deadline gets - the more miserable I get....

Take for instance Ron's tax return for his non-profit ministry that is due tomorrow...Yes - TOMORROW! We had already filed for the extension because I didn't get it filed back in May, so August 15th was the absolute deadline. I'm sure you are asking yourself - why would an accountant be filing an extension on a tax return? I mean it's not like she is having to gather the info and take it to somebody or even pay somebody...all she has to do is - DO IT!!! I AM a responsible citizen who always files our personal tax return before April 15th
, but there is just something about filing this one that always gets put on the back burner....the very back burner. I have had a calendar reminder on my phone go off everyday for the last two months...and it still did not get done until - today. Pretty sad, huh?

Know what's even sadder?? Once I sat down to do it - it took me all of 10 minutes to complete. TEN MINUTES!!! It has taken me more than ten minutes to turn off all the alarms that have gone off and to get over the sick feeling of just dreading doing it!!!

So - as I file away the completed 2010 return and Ron reminds me that it soon will be time to do 2011's (assuming I file it on time...) - I just want to have a gentle reminder if for nobody but me...

Quit spending more time procrastinating than it takes to do the thing you are procrastinating!!!

Am I all alone on this one??? What do you procrastinate doing??

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  1. Ohhh I procrastinate in my blog reading ;), going to bed on time (I SO enjoy my quiet evenings!), sometimes house cleaning, though lately I've been on top of that, and going to the post office! It's like my least favorite place EVER! Thankfully I can pay all my bills online! ;)