Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Queen of Good Intentions"

Okay, so this is a title I have given myself. I have often said if my actions were half of my intentions - oh the things I could accomplish!!! Unfortunately, this is not a recent issue with me. In junior high (middle school in today's terms), my history teacher told me I was the worse procrastinator he had ever met. And to hear my mom tell it - this is apparently a trait I inherited from my dad. I've proudly claimed to be a "daddy's girl", but this was one trait I would have rather not picked up on. Sad thing is - this may have rubbed off on our two sons as well. I'm trying to make a daily effort to follow through on some of my intentions as most are things I really need or want to do.

For example, last night an old friend came to mind that I had not seen or talked to for several years. This friend is elderly and has had health issues in the past few years. He had been very good to me growing up and I loved him very much. My first thoughts were that I would share this with his family when the day came for his memorial service (assuming he would pass away before me). Suddenly, I felt a voice asking me "Why wait to tell his family? Why not call and tell him?"

So that's what I did. Thanks to whitepages.com I was able to locate a phone number and call my friend. The conversation was short, but I said what I needed to say. I thanked him for always being so good to me and that I loved him. It was so nice to talk to my friend. More than that - there was such a peace about following through with the "good intention".

Today is a new day! And I have so many more "good intentions" on my list. Did you catch that? They are on a list!! (actually on the Notes App on my phone) So hopefully my intentions will turn into actions and I'll have a new name - "Queen of Good Actions"!! I like that A LOT better!!!

Do you struggle turning your intentions into actions? What steps have you taken to follow through on what you need and/or want to do? (Please share)

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