Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday's Food Find - Blondie's

This week's Friday Food Find is my favorite sandwich & coffee shop in Clarksville - Blondie's Sandwiches & Coffees located downtown at 135 Franklin Street and in the Foy Center on the campus at Austin Peay State University.  (Franklin St location open M-F 7-5, Sat 8-5)

Blondie's is family owned and has a unique, friendly atmosphere.  You feel comfortable from the time you walk into the door and I absolutely love hanging out in the outdoor courtyard!!!  It is not only beautiful, but also a peaceful retreat anytime.  If the weather does not permit sitting outside - hopefully my favorite table is available at the front window....

And the food?  From the bagels to the sandwiches to the salads to the soups to the desserts and everything in between!!!  Some of my favorites are the Grilled Blondie, BLT on wheat, Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad on Wheat and the Blondie's Original Salad.  Oh - and I love the iced tea!!!  I've been known to stop in just for tea!!!

So - next time you're downtown or on APSU's campus make sure you stop in and see my friends at Blondie''ll love it!!!

Where are some unique, downtown restaurants/coffee shops you have found?  And it can be anywhere.... 
                                 Never know when I might be in your neighborhood!!!


  1. i never went when i was there, but i hear about Silkes on College St alllll the time! i know the Denley's are frequent visitors!

  2. I like your blog, Cheryl! It's so cute (if its cool for a guy to say that). Good job. I love finding new, unique and local places to eat and drink (coffee, I mean).

  3. Nikki-
    I've been to Silke's several times...great breads!!

    What about a couple of your Charleston finds my friend??

  4. Cheryl, i have a blog dedicated to all my Charleston finds ;)

  5. Jim-
    Thanks!! And yes - you are indeed cool!!!

    And stay tuned - I've got so many more to share....

  6. I miss Blondie's so much. I was pleased to fInally find a fun sandwich shop in Valpo called Dageood's. Isn't that cute. They have amazing hot toasted sandwiches very similar to Blondie's. In the world of sandwich shops they should get married. Hehe

  7. Emily-
    Would love to try Dageood's out!!! Road trip!!! Love & miss you!!!