Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Food Find - Philly Style....

Ron and I decided to take a quick trip for our anniversary over Labor Day weekend to one of our favorite cities - Philadelphia.  Ron received his second masters from Eastern University in Philly and we have enjoyed the city together several times.

My all time absolute favorite restaurant is in Philadelphia - Sabrina's Caf'e with locations in the Italian Market (best atmosphere), Fairmont & coming to the University City area.  Sabrina's is known for breakfast/brunch specials especially their french toast, but my favorite meal is always dinner.  The daily choices are absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!  Take my word for it - if you go to Philly - you've got to go to Sabrina's!

Of course - our trip would not be complete without our morning trip to the Reading Terminal Market for blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon and fresh coffee at the Amish diner...YUMMY!!!  And of course - we have to walk off our breakfast by checking out all the vendors located inside the Market.  There are fresh meats, fruits/vegetables, various restaurants and so much more.  And if nothing else you can sit in the food court and just people watch!!

Our first night there Ron took me to a really neat restaurant called Max Brenner located on Walnut Street.  Just about everything on the menu is cooked with chocolate and may I say it is a chocolate lover's dream come true!!  The food was great and the dessert that we shared (yes - Ron did share) was even better!!  The chocolate shop even gave me somewhere to occupy my time while we waited for our entree...Let's just say - this restaurant was the total package.

On South Street, the owner of Core de Roma recognizes Ron as this quickly became his Italian restaurant of choice during his trips to Philadelphia.  It is a cozy restaurant that you can easily walk right past it if you don't know to look for it.  The owner and his son always go out of their way to make us feel welcome and even let us create our own authentic dish if what we want is not on the menu.

So, as you can probably tell by now -  when everyone asked what we did during our time in Philly it's not hard to believe...we walked and we ate and we walked and we ate....I think you get the picture!!

Where's your favorite place to eat in Philadelphia?  What's your thoughts on a chocolate restaurant??


  1. You KNOW Sabrina's is our favorite too!!! :) So... did you NOT go to Naked Chocolate while you were there this time? MMMM! That's always on our hit list while we're there. And so is Rita's for an Italian Ice and then of COURSE Geno's for a cheesesteak. (The kids love the Mexican food place right next to Geno's... only Kass will eat cheesesteaks so far, so the rest of them eat quesadillas! LOL)

    We also really love Honey's Sit N Eat (I think it's off 4th). It is seriously a hole in the wall but everything is so fresh and good! Frank likes it best for breakfast but I am more of a dinner person... either is great, really! We love Max Brenner's too, but Kameron says it's not worth it to eat your meal there. He says to just go for dessert. I think he's a food critic in the making! ;)

    And now I'm hungry! Can't wait for our Philly trip in the Spring!! Miss you guys!

  2. Renee-
    The Naked Chocolate Store was closed so let's just say I was highly disappointed!! There were no signs on the door so maybe God was just protecting me from another 5 pounds!! Hard to believe but we didn't even eat a cheesesteak this time - no room...but will have to try Honey's next time we go. Love & miss all of you!!